Tajikistan Visa for Pakistani Nationals

No one lives forever and that’s why we humans have infinite wants. It’s not surprising to nurse the desire to experience different things and one of these is to travel, getting your Tajikistan visa is a way to experience this. Most people choose nations like France, Switzerland as their top dream destination but some folks have an unusual taste and if you are within this class, Tajikistan is the place for you.

This landlocked country is located in Central Asia. Nationals of this country speak Tajik as their official language and Islam is the domineering religion in this region. Land at the Dushanbe International Airport and witness the picturesque streets of Dushanbe. A city that boasts of an allure that’s sure to load your mind with unforgettable memories. From the stunning landmarks such as the Pamir Highway to the scrumptious local cuisines, Tajikistan is the haven for lovers of nature and leisure.

How to Get Tajikistan Visa from Pakistan

Pakistani nationals hoping to pay a visit Tajikistan can acquire an e-Visa. With this, one can enter and travel within the beautiful nation of Tajikistan but only within a period of 45 days. The process is not too difficult. One of the most significant information is that the e-Visa can only be processed in US dollars, this means an equivalent amount will be taken from your account. Cost is $50 and payment is done on Visa, MasterCard or AmericanExpress.

After completing the online form, the e-Visa can be downloaded for printing. It’s imperative to note that citizens of Pakistan cannot apply for a visa upon arrival in Tajikistan but can only apply for an e-Visa. For the Tajikistan e-Visa, all you require as a Pakistan national is to have a clear, scanned copy of your Pakistan passport. It takes five working days for processing and it costs $109. In order to visit Pamir, one must have a GBAO permit (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast), which goes at the price of $20.

Documents Required for Tajikistan Visa

  • Passport:

    A legit Pakistan passport having at least 6 months remaining validity.
  • Photographs:

    Two recent passport size photographs that must have a plain white background.
  • Proof of accommodation:

    This consists of a copy of a confirmed hotel reservation, one’s name as an applicant must be on the hotel reservation.
  • Itinerary:

    This means a copy of one’s round tickets for the length of the trip.
  • Letter of Invitation:

    Pakistani applicants must possess an official letter confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Tajikistan.
  • Other Documents: 

    Additionally, one may want to travel with minors. Their requirement is as follows:

    1. Birth certificate, 2.Letter of consent (This entails consent from both parents), 3. Marriage certificate

Tajikistan Visa Types

Visa Type Duration / Validity Visa Fee Description
Tourist Visa - Single Entry 45 Days / 90 Days 50$ Tajikistan tourist visa can be applied online and is valid for 90 days after the date of issuance and the total duration you can stay is for 45 days only.
e-visa GBAO 45 Days / 90 Days 70$ In order to visit the Pamir Region, you need to have a GBAO e-visa, duration and validity is same as normal visa.

Places to Visit in Tajikistan

1. Dushanbe: This city is greatly admired by many tourists because of the myriad of museums and statues present here that shows the Persian. Dushanbe is where things happen in Tajikistan as it serves as the political, cultural and economic centre of the country. Visitors will enjoy the variety of shopping centres and restaurants in Dushanbe.


2. Wakhan Valley: This is a peaceful valley you might want to visit as a first time visitor. Taking a dip in the hot springs of Bibi Khanum when you visit the ruins of Yamchun fortress which was built in the 12th century is a delightful activity to partake in. Female folks who are looking for the fruit of the womb do visit this place as it is believed that the hot spring serves as a boost for female fertility. 


3. Yashilkul: Here you will enjoy the beauty of trekking through the mountain. At the summit of the mountain, you will be able to see a wide stretched green lake. Lake Yashilkul is also an awesome place to visit as it offers an amazing view of the valley and can change its colour from emerald green to deep blue. 


4. Fann Mountains: The atmosphere in the villages around the Fann Mountains allows you to indulge yourself in the local way of life of the people living there and get to know more about their tradition. Since travelling is about discovering new places, people and things here is a place to discover a new world.


5. Penjikent: A home to the most delicious national dish in the country known as plov, Penjikent is a pretty quiet famous town in Tajikistan. It hosts a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a city called Sarezm which dates as far back as 3000 years BC. The ancient Penjikent ruins is also a beautiful sight to behold.

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