Pakistan Tour Packages

¬†Here’s a detailed list of Pakistan Tour Packages we are offering in the year 2019 and 2020.

Tour to Pakistan
Tour to Pakistan


With over 10 years of experience in providing excellent travel services in a distinctive style, The Travel and Tour Shop, far-flung from what other travel agencies will offer, provides well-organized travel and Pakistan tour packages. We are a Pakistan based travel agency with our offices in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. We have trusted experienced guides, hotels and car hire services to immerse you in a unique adventure. We have all sort of international tour packages from Pakistan. Where ever you dream of going, we will create a magical experience for you.


What Makes Us One of the Trusted Travel Agents in Pakistan?

We recognize that there are many travel agents in Pakistan and what has set us apart from others is the awesome services we offer at a more reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is always at the fore of what we do. We strive to ensure the requirements of our customers are met and we can boast of great customer retention. If you want to know if we are the best travel agency in Pakistan, a trial will surely convince you.

Our Famous Pakistan Tour Packages 2019

  • Hunza Valley Tour Packages
  • Swat Kalam Tour Packages
  • Religious Tour Packages
  • Chitral Kalash Tour Packages
  • Murree Tour Packages
  • Skardu Valley Tour Packages
  • Fairy Medows Tour Packages in Pakistan
  • Naran Khan Tour Packages

Detailed List of Pakistan Tour Packages we Offer

  • Banjosa
  • Banjosa
  • Chitral Valley
  • Fairy Meadows and Hunza Valley
  • Fairy Meadows Hunza
  • Hunza Skardu
  • Hunza Valley
  • Islamabad Sightseeing
  • Kalam Swat Valley
  • Lahore City Tour
  • Murree Pakistan
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Naran Shogran Neelum Valley
  • Naran Shogran
  • Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Saiful Malook Naran
  • Shogran Naran & Nathiagali
  • Skardu Valley
  • Swat Valley

Pakistan Tour Packages Prices

In order to get Pakistan Tour Packages prices, please visit the relevant tour page mentioned above and you’ll get detailed information for the whole tour including days and prices.

Pakistan Cities where we offer Tour Packages from

  • Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi 2019 & 2020.
  • Pakistan Tour Packages from Lahore 2019 and 2020.
  • Pakistan Tour Packages from Islamabad 2019.
  • Tour Packages from Rawalpindi 2019.
  • Tour Packages from Faisalabad.
  • Tour Packages from Hyderabad.
  • Tour Packages from Multan.
  • Tour Packages from Quetta.


Some amazing reasons why you should book your tours with the Travel and Tour Shop Pakistan.

  1. Accommodation is Covered

We carefully handpick the best hotel accommodations for you to lodge. Depending on the type of tour you will like to go for, you won’t be overwhelmed throughout your tour as your lodge is sure to relax you.


  1. Transportation is Covered

Along with our tour packages, transportation is included. Our transportation system is convenient and easy. You will be taken in out of your accommodation without any hassle. We provide air-conditioned buses and other various means of transportation to your destination. You will surely be treated like a king.


  1. Ideal for Solo Travellers

Even if it is going is your first time travelling, our group tours will make you feel like you’ve got a family. Well, you won’t be travelling alone but with those who are like-minded. You will feel comfortable in your new destination as you get surrounded by people as well. Although you are travelling alone, it will never be a lonesome journey. The people you meet during the tour could turn to your life long mate and the good news is, you will be in the similar age bracket.


  1. It’s Affordable

Truly, taking tours is a good value for your money with our Pakistan tour packages price. You get wonderful inclusions, premium accommodation, experienced tour guides, good transport and well-planned itinerary lesser than you would have imagined. We make sure everything suit your needs without having to break the bank.


  1. Safety and Independence

Our experienced tour guides know in and out of destinations you will be visiting. This includes recommendations on the safest places to visit, safe activities that can be done so you can roam freely while being informed.


Tour Packages Pakistan

We make a lot of choices in life and leaving our comfort zone has been a daunting one. It’s like challenging yourself to build your confidence. One of the best ways to challenge yourself is by travelling, taking tours actually. It pushes you off your known area to discover and be exposed to new experiences, new people and new places. This will bring you the joy that you might never have expected. You might even gain some new skills while you gain awareness of other people’s cultures, customs, cuisines and history. It is called learning real life. Travelling also have the power to heal and to help you escape from your problems. A restful vacation to renew yourself is not a bad idea, right? Take advantage of our tour packages in Pakistan. Travel and tours just got better with us.

Pakistan is a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled. Its ambiance is nature eccentric immersed in the most beautiful architectural wonder and gorgeous landmarks. Our Pakistan tour packages from 2019 Karachi will allow you to travel Pakistan in style to relax and refresh your mind. We also have available Pakistan tour packages 2019 from Lahore to see some of the best attractions Pakistan offers.


Types of Tour Packages in 2019 we are Offering

Group Tours

While you crave for an adventure that will leave you with a mellow experience, we are a travel agent that goes all out to help fulfill your wishes. We facilitate group tours all over the world with much confidence you can trust in. There are many tourists destination all over the world and we are here to guide you through. At The Travel and Tour Shop, group tours are one of our specialty, it gives us great pleasure to give you a true flavor of the country you will like to visit. Travelling together is fun, we know this and that is why we organize everything to make your holiday hassle-free. Travelling with us will broaden your horizon beyond your imagination because we offer a lot of a plethora of authentic experiences in a most flexible manner to suit you perfectly. The hotels you will be booked in are well located and you will be assigned rooms in such a way that same-sex will be paired. Our Pakistan tourism packages are reasonable and more affordable. Peace of mind and a great sense of security is what you feel when you go on group tours with us no matter how far away you might be travelling.

City/Regional Tours

Wherever you will like to visit, we have a tailor-made itinerary just for you. Even if you will like to visit a city or region for historic, cultural or religious reasons, we have a sophisticated itinerary to meet your needs. Places like Gilgit-Baltistan, Multan, Tharparkar, Mohenjo-Daro and Makran Coast amongst others offer awe-inspiring scenery. You will enjoy beautiful landscapes, lush green mountains, pristine beaches, architectural wonders and more.

The Travel and Tour shop offers various tour packages for your city or regional tours during any of the four seasons in Pakistan. For this kind of tour, you can pick you any city of your choice. Your travel package will include your lunch and transportation. Couples who are even willing to have their honeymoon in a particular state or city can take advantage of the city and regional tour packages to catch some fun and have some mellow experience.

Trekking Tours

For you to keep your heart and body in good health, we have a specially designed package for you. Our trekking package is tailored towards the safety and security to give you an experience you will never forget. There are very lovely mountains in Pakistan you will sure love to have your trekking tours. Getting to the summit of a mountain is an achievement you can be proud that shows a brave heart while you keep fit.

Mountain trekking is the desired adventure for tourists as they get to submit, they will be able to admire the beauty Pakistan beholds. For this package, you have Baltoro K2 Base Camp Trek where you will trek some of the world’s spectacular and tallest mountains; Gondogoro La Base Camp Trek which involves trekking to as high as 4680m altitude or even take short treks. In this package, you will be provided with transportation, accommodation and meals as well as a tour guide to lead you through. Our prices are very reasonable and you will be sure that you are in safe arms during your trekking tours. If you are a lover of adventure and discovery of new things, this is for you. Do not hesitate to book your tour packages with us.

Adventure Tours

What type of adventure will you like to have? From rock climbing to rafting, diving, skiing, skydiving, Horse riding to cycling, we will get you all engaged. Since adventure tours are supposed to bring you out of your comfort zone and also presents some form of risks, we will ensure you are safe all through the tour as we set you off the thrill depending on your skill level. We could help you learn something before you get set for your adventure. In adventure tours, you will be able to capture the essence of road trips and enjoy a mix of varying experiences. The Tour and Travel Shop offer excellent adventure package that is flexible enough to fit into your budget while you have all the fun and excitement you deserve. Book your adventure tours with us today.

Northern Area tour

With the way Pakistan is blessed naturally with the beauties of nature, you will easily fall in love with phenomenal called Pakistan while you return with great memories. The northern area in Pakistan is characterized by high mountains and peaks that soar as high as 8000 meters. It is a famous travel destination because it opens you to the colorful and outstanding landscape Pakistan offers. In the northern area, you will be able to visit places like Shimshal Pass & Lake, Kachura Lake Skardu, Fairy Meadows, Hunza Valley and Rama Meadows amongst a host of others. There are many beautiful places in the northern area of Pakistan sill yet to be discovered, but easily accessible now, waiting for you to come to see them. Our Pakistan northern areas tour packages for 2019 do not compromise in giving you quality tours to the northern area of Pakistan and also come with an affordable price.

Kashmir Pakistan Tours

The Travel and Tour Shop also provide tour packages for Kashmir Pakistan Tours. Kashmir is an inviting tourist destination in Pakistan with an alluring natural beauty that will keep you spellbound. Kashmir could easily pass for a paradise and a place to discover wildlife adventure in an astonishing way. Some of the great places to see in Kashmir includes; Rawalakot, Banjosa Lake, Jhelum Valley, Neelum Valley, Toli Pir, Ramkot Fort so many others. The climate in most of these areas are favorable for your tours and they offer lush greenery. Commuting around is quite easy as well. You will be awed by the amazing work of art in these locations that continues to attract many tourists.

Special Interest Tours

At The Travel and Tour Shop, our special interest tour packages 2019 are carefully designed for those who have an interest in visiting a particular destination in Pakistan. If you are a researcher, the special interest tour package is specially designed for you. You will have a fun filled productive time on your excursion. If you are simply just interested in following a tour, you can join the special interest tour. Here is a kind of tour you will up close and personal depending on your interest. Special interest tour packages are especially suited as well for schools, colleges and universities that will like to go on an excursion. We will be able to also provide you with guidance regarding your activity in Pakistan in the most excellent manner.

Historical Tours

When you travel to a new place, you sure want to know more about it as a valuable form of education. Learning we know is powerful and that is why we curated a historical tour travel package to have a true realistic vision of historical monuments in Pakistan. Enrich yourself in some of Pakistan’s historical sites like Shalimar Gardens, a peaceful and refreshing corner located in Lahore; Faisal Mosque; a beautiful architectural piece that dates back to 1976; Pakistan Monument that serves as a cultural reference; Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Mazar-e-Quaid), the tomb of a great leader and father in Pakistan; Hiran Minar, a place of remembrance for beloved pets and many more. Pakistan has a strong historical root and it will be so much fun to discover them with our historical tour packages.

Cultural Tours

Pakistan has a colorful culture that reflects the different experiences of the people of Pakistan. You can’t compare the cultural heritage Pakistan has with other countries. The Travel and Tour Shop offer a variety of itineraries to tour different areas in Pakistan. Discover the province of Sind, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, the Gandhara dynasty monasteries and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province that has so much to tell you. It will look like you are travelling from one era to another. You will understand the impact of various rulers, building, structures as well as their British antecedents. Not only these but also savor on the exquisite cuisines inspired by different cultures. There are many ethnic groups in Pakistan influenced by West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and the Turkic people as well.