Cambodia Visa for Pakistani Nationals from Pakistan

Although in past years, Pakistani citizens were not allowed to apply for e-visa, things have changed now and they can apply now. Cambodia visa for Pakistani can also be obtained at the Cambodia Embassy in Islamabad. Upon your application, you will be required to pay a service fee and government fee when you apply online and payments can be done with debit or credit card. First, you will be asked to fill a form online where you will be asked to fill some personal information, contact details, address during your visit (hotel you will be staying), passport details, travel details and also upload your passport photograph. E-visa application takes about 3 working days to get processed.

Cambodia Visa

You won't be wrong to call Cambodia a hidden gem because it is carefully tucked in the southeastern part of Asia. The rich cultural heritage, picturesque beaches and lush islands are reasons you should get your Cambodia visa so you won't miss out on this great holiday destination. Cambodia is a safe place generally and her citizens are friendly. You can take some precautions of not being careless with your valuables, especially in the big cities. Do not wander alone into the villages without a guide and you might want to walk in groups. If you want to have the most pleasurable holiday on a budget, going to Cambodia is the best choice to make. 


The official language of Cambodia is Khmer but you will still be able to find English speakers here except in small villages. Cambodians love to throw big parties as they actively engage in a variety of festivals. Khmer New Year celebration takes place between the months of April and May. The yearly water festival in Cambodia takes place around October. It is one of the most exciting festivals celebrated in Cambodia as it marks the change in the flow of the Tonle sap and Mekong River.


The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and March which is the dry season with mild temperature. The hottest months in Cambodia is April and May. Rainy season begins from May till October. Although the rainy season might not be the best time to visit Cambodia, it is usually less crowded, unlike the dry season.

Documents Required to apply for Cambodia Visa for Pakistani Citizens

  • Passport:

    Passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Flight Ticket:

    Proof of flight ticket booking.
  • Hotel Booking:

    Proof of hotel reservations.
  • Photograph:

    1 recent passport photograph.

Cambodia Visa Types

Visa Type Duration / Validity Visa Fee Description
Tourist visa (single entry) 30 Days / 30 Days 30 USD It is required for everyone who wants to visit Cambodia to have at least a tourist visa. A tourist visa can be obtained on arrival but you will need to have your passport photograph with you.
 E-visa 30 Days / 30 Days 36 USD Cambodia e-visa takes 3 days to get processed. It's also a faster way to obtain your Cambodia visa.

Things to Do in Cambodia

1. Visit historical sites: Places like Phnom Penh hosts the S21 Prison and the Killing Fields that a lot about the strength of the Cambodian people. Visiting these sites will also help you to understand the history of Cambodia. 


2. Munch on Cambodia Cuisine: From taking cooking classes to having street food in Cambodia, all come with an exciting experience. The vibrant flavours and spices will pamper your palate a great deal. Bai Sach chrouk, fish amok, lap Khmer, nom banh chok and Khmer red curry are some of the great meals you should look forward to in Cambodia. 


3. Roam the islands: Sihanoukville hosts some of the best islands in Cambodia. These islands in turn also host some of the best beaches an avid diver. 

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