Kenya Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Go get your Kenya visa, pack up your bags, book your flight ticket, then come discover the amazing gem in Africa. Kenya is one of the safest destinations in Africa with the best treats to keep you all excited throughout your visit. Kenya hosts a lot of shopping centres, highlands and valleys, wilderness area with great wildlife, great cities, beautiful lakes and lush green forests. Kenya is a place you will discover more about the jewels in Africa.

Kenya has a tropical climate with sunshine all through the year. Although there are some cold months, the best time to visit Kenya is between June to October which is the dry season in Kenya.


How to Get Kenya Visa from Pakistan

There are various ways for you to get Kenya visa from Pakistan and they are; Kenya eVisa and Kenya visa on arrival. Kenya eVisa can be used for recreational visits, tourism, casual visit to friends and family, sightseeing, medical treatment, research purposes or business visit. The eVisa is a very effective, simple and fast way for you to get your Kenya eVisa without you having to visit the Kenya embassy located in Islamabad. The three types of e-visa available to those who wish to travel to Kenya include transit visa, single entry visa and courtesy visa.


1. Transit Visa: This is usually issued to people who will like to connect to other countries via Kenya. Kindly note that connecting period should not be more than 72 hours and those connecting flights at the airport directly without leaving, need not apply for a transit visa.


2. Single Entry Visa: This is usually issued to individuals who want to visit Kenya for tourism, medical treatment or business. 


3. Courtesy Visa: This is usually a free visa issued to dignitaries, government Officials travelling to Kenya for an official reason or those transiting for official reasons with either an ordinary passport or service passport.  


When you apply for this eVisa, you will pick up your visa stamp on arrival. The online application form too does not take up to 2 minutes to fill. You can also pay the government and service fee online through transfer. After payment have been made, then you will receive a confirmation also requesting for some document to process your visa. Your visa will be sent to you in an email and you will need to print it out because you will have to present it as evidence on your arrival. Once your visa has been processed, your deposit is non-refundable but if it has not been processed yet and you wish to cancel your application, you can send an email to check the status of your visa and ask for a refund. Should be any reason why your visa can't be processed, the service fee will be refunded but the government fee will not be refunded. 


However, if you want to extend your stay in Kenya for more than the prescribed 3 months, you can do that at the immigration headquarters located in Nairobi. Kenya only allows its visitor to stay for a maximum number of 6 months.

Required Documents for Kenya Visa

  • Passport:

    A valid travel document.
  • Blank Passport Page:

    At least one blank page on the passport.
  • Return Ticket:

    A valid return ticket.
  • Account:

    Create an account on the e-visa website. Kenya evisa website link:
  • Form Filling:

    Fill out the form that will require your information like occupation, parent's name, nationality, contact details, passport details and address.
  • Travel Details:

    Fill in your travel details which include the reason you want to travel, the date you wish to arrive and exit the country, the address and contact of the place you will be residing.
  • Travel History:

    Travel history as they'll ask if you have been to Kenya before.
  • Supporting Documents:

    You will be required to attach some supporting document like your passport bio page, passport photograph, travel itinerary, identity document, hotel booking and flight reservation evidence.
  • For visa upon arrival:

    This type of Kenya visa for Pakistan citizens gives a maximum stay of up to 3 months and you will be required to pay a visa fee of about 50 USD. You will need to show evidence that you have sufficient funds to cater to your stay in Kenya. You must have at least 500 USD. Also, you will need to show your travel document including a return flight ticket.

Kenya Visa Types

Visa Type Duration / Validity Visa Fee Description
Tourist Visa 90 Days / 90 Days 51$ This visa fee can be paid using your debit or credit card upon submission of application. This is the visa cost which is chargeable online. The visa is renewable if the person is still in Kenya
Kenya Transit visa 72 Hours / 90 Days 21$ This is a single entry visa and can be obtained if you're connecting to another country through Kenya. This is valid for 72 hours of transit and can be obtained in advance or on arrival depending on your nationality.
Kenya Business Visa 90 Days / 90 Days 51$ Business Visa conditions and requirements are almost the same as of the Kenya tourist visa.

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